Administration Coordinating Committee

This branch of the parish organization structure carries out the responsibility for the day-to-day operations and long-range planning of the parish. The goal of the Administration Committee is to insure the security of the church and school through proper attention to resources, finances, and planning for the future. Taking part in Administration gives parishioners the opportunity to protect their “ownership” interest in the parish by maintaining and preserving its resources and managing them well. Committees that serve under the direction of the Administration Coordinating Committee include; Compliance, Audit and Procedures Committee; Contribution Counter Committee; Finance Committee; God’s Housekeepers; Grounds and Facilities; Parish Office Volunteer; Technology Committee; Telephone Committee; Stewardship Committee and Parish Picnic. Additionally, the chairperson or president of the following committees serves under the Administration Coordinating Committee; Athletic Association; PTO Board; and School Advisory Council. Chairperson: Charlie Hurst, Staff Contact: Susan White

Compliance, Audit, & Procedures
This committee supports the office staff and the finance committee by helping ensure that the parish is adhering to Archdiocesan policy. Members review, test, and audit policies and procedures to insure that appropriate controls are in place and that they are being followed. They also review to insure that there is separation of duties in all areas of parish functions especially where money is involved. Time Commitment: Meetings and projects as needed. Chairperson: Brandon Breunig, Staff Contact: Susan White

Contribution Counter
This committee counts the weekly collection contributions and prepares the deposit for the bank. They form teams for Sunday and Monday. The teams count for a month at time on a rotating schedule. Each team counts 2-3 months a year. Sunday teams 2 hours – Monday teams 1 hour. If you are interested in volunteering for this committee please contact Fabian Lipp Staff Contact: Susan White

Finance Committee
This Committee assists the Business Manager and Parish Council in carrying out the financial business of the parish. Duties include analyzing the parish financial statements, monitoring the parish cash flow, supporting the annual budget process, and making financial and process recommendations, as well as assisting the Budget Committee as needed. Chairperson: Tony Raluy Staff Contact: Susan White

God’s Housekeepers
This committee gathers monthly to clean the church. These men and women help take care of our worship area. Time Commitment: 1 1/2 hours, 3 times a year. Chairperson: Donna Hardin Staff Contact: Susan White

Grounds & Facilities
This committee is a group of parishioners that helps to keep our grounds and facilities looking great! They work closely with the maintenance staff to assess the needs and assist them with various jobs on the property. They primarily work on the grounds to help keep up our landscaping. Depending on the season, you might find them trimming bushes, cutting a small tree down, planting shrubs or flowers, raking leaves, laying mulch, or pulling a few weeds. They meet once a month on Saturday for 2-3 hours. Chairperson: Tim Griffin Staff Contact: Pat Butner

Parish Office Volunteer
Assists with parish administrative tasks, e.g., helping with parish mailings. Time Commitment: several hours per year. Staff Contact: Susan White

Stewardship Committee
This committee works together to assist our hospitality coordinator in welcoming new parishioners during New Parishioner Orientations and in helping provide stewardship education and opportunities for individuals and families. If you are interested in participating in this welcoming committee call Staff Contact: Dawn Della Bella

Technology Committee
Volunteers for this committee advise and assist both parish and school staff with technology needs. It’s an opportunity for skilled members to share their expertise or to possibly expand and build new talents. It’s also an opportunity for those interested in technology to learn something new. The work this committee is involved with includes: system and network infrastructure, voice/IM communications, vendor negotiations, system utilization, capacity and management, security procedures, hardware/software selection, classroom technology, and emergency recovery procedures. They meet once a month on Monday night for 1-2 hours and special IT Projects as needed. Staff Contact: Joe Reed

Telephone Committee
Periodically through the year different parish committees have a need to make numerous telephone calls. This committee is called into action to meet this task. Staff Contact: Susan White

Parish Picnic
Volunteers plan, prepare, and work the annual Parish Picnic. The Parish Picnic is a two-night event in June. All proceeds from the picnic go to the parish general fund. The Picnic Planning Committee balances the fundraising with “funraising.” It is a great time for a great cause. Time Commitment: booth captains are required to be at pre-picnic meetings and both nights of the picnic; captain assignments are made by the committee chairperson—requests can be made on a first-come first-served basis; general volunteers may commit to two or more hours on either night. Chairperson: Brian Gahwyler  Picnic Phone: 426-1588 ext 375, Picnic Email:

. Staff Contact: Susan White

Athletics Association
This energetic organization of men and women makes it possible for every child of our parish family to participate in any or all of the Catholic School Athletic Association sponsored sports. The ultimate goal of all of our sports programs is to teach good Christian sportsmanship and teamwork. President: Rick Boeckmann, 749-3817,

Staff Contact: Susan White

The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
St. Margaret Mary Catholic School is proud to have a very active and effective PTO. Our school's parent-teacher organization acts as a liaison between home and school and financially supports non-budgeted items needed by the school and teachers. The PTO promotes SMM through projects and fundraisers such as the Fall Festival, the Winter Gala, selling of Spirit Wear, and hosts numerous hospitality activities throughout the year. For the past several years, the PTO has raised more than $100,000 for our school. Without the efforts of the PTO, St. Margaret Mary Catholic School could not provide the same level of education at the same cost for our children as it does now. One of the main efforts of the PTO is to support the technology needs of our school as well as provide many other resources for our classrooms such as Smartboards, Brightlinks, computers, laptops, updated software, etc. The PTO is comprised of parent board members that hold elected positions and teacher representatives. However, the success of the PTO depends on the involvement of many volunteers and numerous committees that oversee the PTO activities. The PTO encourages parents to attend meetings and participate. There are two all-school meetings during the year, one in August and one in the spring. Monthly Meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month in the A/B room (adjacent to the Hospitality Room). Parents can stay updated with PTO news and school website,, the parish bulletin, or on our new Facebook page For more information contact PTO Julie Henderson, Staff Contact: Wendy Sims

School Advisory Council (SAC)
The School Advisory Council acts as an advisory and support group to the school administration and staff, helps formulate general policies, develops and oversees the budget and finances, and bus transportation. Members of the council hold elected/appointed positions and is a 3- year commitment. One important effort of the SAC is maintaining the EC (Extra-Curricular) Fund. This fund was developed by the SAC to show appreciation for those teachers who spend time educating our children before or after the regular school day. Some activities supported by these teachers are: Quick Recall, Governor’s Cup, Student Council, Spanish Club, Journalism Club, Junior Beta Club, etc. The School Advisory Council is also proud to sponsor the 8th Grade Graduation Breakfast for students and parents. For more information or to bring an idea to the SAC, contact Chris Ochsner  Staff Contact: Wendy Sims


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