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A Message from the Director of Lifelong Formation

Dear Friends,

At SMM we are deeply committed to the lifelong formation of all of our parishioners from the youngest child to our elderly parishioners. Formation is not just something we do in preparation for a major life event, like baptism or marriage, rather it is a lifelong process that begins at baptism and continues until our death. To meet such a wide range of needs we have many ministries and programs dedicated to forming individuals as they transition through different life stages. I offer you the following from St. Basil the Great, which summarizes what is at the heart of Christian formation,

“Love of God does not spring from study. It is not from others, after all, that we learn to enjoy the light, to yearn for life, and to love our parents and those who nourish us. Much less, then, does love of God arise from external teaching. Rather, as soon as people exist they have the germ of reason, and this contains the power and impulse to love.

In the school of divine instruction, therefore, we but cultivate this power and wisely nourish it; thus, with God’s help, it is brought to full development. For our part, we shall endeavor here, as far as the Holy Spirit enables us, to fan into flame this spark of love for God that is hidden within you.”

In a very real way formation is about salvation, it is about calling forth the divine spark of love in each individual so that they can do the one thing they were put on this earth to do, and that is, to glorify their creator. At St. Margaret Mary, “we shall endeavor here, as far as the Holy Spirit enables us, to fan into flame this spark of love for God that is hidden within you.” That is our promise to you and that is the goal of all our formation activities.

We make every effort to remain aware of the formation needs of our parishioners and we actively partner with lay leaders to provide meaningful formation opportunities. If you want to learn more about our ministry and program offerings please see the links below for more information. If you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to contact me.

In Christ,

Director of Lifelong Formation



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