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Students Making a Difference Step by Step
The Step by Step Student Stewardship program is designed to teach our students at SMM that no one is too young to make a difference. Students will learn about our call to stewardship and the Christian way of life. Step by Step is run by parent and grandparent volunteers who work in conjunction with the teachers and the parish to reinforce the idea of stewardship.  Volunteers begin each year educating students about stewardship and the needs within our community.  After conducting a meeting with the students, the volunteers plan the service project or projects for the year.  Many of these projects have been implemented over the past several years and are now simply duplicated or new ideas can be introduced. Each grade has its own focus for volunteering their time.  The idea behind the various focuses is to expose our students to as many volunteer opportunities as possible while they are students at SMM.  Volunteers help coordinate a service project within each focus area.

  • Kindergarten – Introduction to Stewardship

Kindergarten Activity- Ronald McDonald House

  • First Grade – Hungry and Needy

   First Grade Activity- Dare to Care

  • Second Grade – Environment and Literacy

Second Grade Activity- Aluminum Can Collection/Grounds Cleanup

  • Third Grade – Sick and Disabled

Third Grade Activity- Visits to St. Anne’s

  • Fourth Grade – Elderly

   Fourth Grade Activity- Visits to Elder Care Facilities

  • Fifth Grade – Babies, Children and Mom

Fifth Grade Activity- Kid’s Cafe

  • Sixth Grade – Literacy & Homeless

  Sixth Grade Activity- Homeless Shelter Visits and visits to learning centers

  • Seventh Grade – Refugees and Veterans

Seventh Grade Activity- Refugee services with Catholic Charities

  • Eighth Grade—Students work towards Confirmation hours only


Everyone is encouraged to participate in this worthwhile committee.  Parents spend time meeting with the students and organizing the chosen activities.  For more information about the program or to be involved in its success, please contact Jennifer Peterson at


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