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Important Dates

Helping your child choose a sponsor

Suggestions for Confirmation Sponsors

Important Dates

October 15/16: Candidate’s Sacramental Enrollment Rite (Attend your regular Mass time)

Candidate/Sponsor Day of Reflection: (Pick only one session) Saturday, November 5 from 9am-12:30pmSunday, November 6 from 1:15pm-4:45pm

Tuesday, November 8th from 8:30AM-2PM: Confirmation Retreat:PREP STUDENTS-ARRIVE AT 8:15 AM (LOBBY)Retreat will be held at Cedar Ridge Camp with Dave Metzger facilitating.

Confirmation Interview Date: January 11-January 13-SMM Students
Confirmation Interview Date: Sunday, January 22-PREP

Students Due at time of Confirmation Interview for PREP & SMM Students: SaintReport Due
Service projects
Letter to the Archbishop

Rehearsal for Confirmation-February 8, 2017 at 7:15PM

Sacrament of Confirmation Celebrated-Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 1PM

Helping your child choose a sponsor

Your child’s sponsor is the special person chosen by them to represent the faith community at the Rite of Confirmation.

At Baptism, the Church community shares the responsibilityfor the developmentand the safeguarding of the grace given to your child. So too are we challenged to safeguard the grace given at Baptism. A sponsor journeys with the young person through the preparation for Confirmation, supporting and nurturing the faith of the young person.

The sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation are intimately connected. Because of this, the Church encourages candidates for Confirmation to choose one of their baptismal godparents as a sponsor. At Baptism the godparents were witnesses to your son or daughter’ssacrament which celebratedbelonging –being welcomed into a spiritual family. The presence of godparents ritualized and symbolized the presence ofthe community and their promise to support the newly baptized in a life of faith. A number of years later, your child preparing for Confirmation is taken on a journey of spiritual remembering –knowing and recognizing the presence of a God whohas been, who is, and who always will be in one’s life. This is a gift given at Baptism, celebratedat Eucharist, and now revisited in its completeness at Confirmation.

The sacred ground in the young person’s life is marked by the footsteps of a loving community –of you the parents, of godparents, of nurturers of faith, of challengers to discipleship. It seems fitting that those who held the infant throughthe pouringforthof sacred water and thesealing with blessed oil would once again stand up as reminders to both the individualand community of the richness of belonging to the Body of Christ. You can guide your son or daughter in choosing a sponsor who is a person of faith.

As Church we are all challenged by what we witness in the laying on of hands and in the anointing with chrism –“hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictlyobliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.” It may be a godparent or another adult in your child’s life whose life is a witness to Christand who will marvel at the privilege and opportunity of being a part of your family and your sonor daughter’s life by being a sponsor.

The Code of Canon Law and the Rite of Confirmation prescribe the requirements and duties of the sponsor:

As far as possible the person to be confirmed is tohave a sponsor. The sponsor’s function is to take care that the person confirmed behaves as a true witness of Christand faithfullyfulfillsthe duties inherent in this sacrament.

In Canon 893, para. 2 it states: “It is desirable that the sponsor chosen be the one who undertook this role at Baptism.”

The two following statements from the Rite of Confirmation further illuminate the sponsor’s function:

  1. As a rule there should be a sponsor for each of those to be confirmed. These sponsorsbring the candidatesto receive the sacrament, present them to the minister for the anointing, and will later help them to fulfill their baptismal promises faithfully under the influence of the Holy Spirit whom they have received.
  2. Pastors will see that the sponsors, chosen by the candidate or their families, are spiritually fit to take on their responsibility and have these qualities:
  • Sufficient maturity to fulfill the function;
  • Membership in the Catholic Church and their own receptionof Christian initiation through Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist;
  • Freedom from any impediment of law to their fulfilling the office of sponsor.

Suggestions for Confirmation Sponsors

Congratulations! You said “yes” to the invitation to become a Confirmation Sponsor! Now what?

Here are some real-world suggestions to help you walk alongside your candidate during their sacrament preparation.

  • Make it a point simply to converse about your candidate’s sacrament preparation experience. Conversation starters might be, “How’s the confirmation program going?”,“What kinds of things are you studying now?” , “What sort of questions do you have about our faith?”
  • Find an opportunity to speak about your personal Confirmation experiences, your joys, and fears. Help them understand that you walked this path and are excited to walk it with them now.
  • Make it a point to attend the same weekend liturgy with your candidate. If you are not members of the same parish, then make every effort to visit and attend mass together at their parish at least once during the Confirmation process.
  • Call, text, email, and write letters throughout the entire process. If you find yourself thinking about your candidate during the process, then consider the possibility that it is the Spirit prompting you to contact them. Young adolescents rarely believe that any adult is concerned about them, so a simple gesture of intentionally reaching out will be very affirming. Also, your adolescents particularly enjoy receiving mail.
  • Ministry of Presence. Find opportunities to just enjoy one another’s company. For example, go to a movie, concert, ball game, or maybe just out for a hot chocolate.
  • Finally, commit to praying for your candidate and the success of their preparation for Confirmation.

Mr. Bryan Cain