Interested in Coming Back to the Catholic Church?

Lent is the perfect time to reconnect with Christ and the Church. Call Christine Williford at 502-426-1588. 

SMM Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Council #15979

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Catholic Life Issues

Celibacy vs. Chastity
Threats to Religious Liberty
Migrants, Refugees, & Travelers

Ministry Scheduler

Weekend Ministry Schedules
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Daily Scripture

Daily Scripture Readings from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Sound Technician

Our sound technicians mix the sound primarily for the choir and ensembles at liturgies. Attendance at rehearsals is integral to the preparation process, as well as, attending in-house and periodic outside trainings. An interest in electronics and being able to hear and discriminate a balanced, blended sound are essential in this ministry. Knowledge of music and mixing is preferable. If you are interested in this ministry please call Jim Eversole.

Staff Contact: Byron Heil


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