Reconciliation Information

Sacrament of Reconciliation
This sacrament celebrates God’s loving mercy and forgiveness for those who have true sorrow for their sinfulness.  God cannot wait to forgive us, he only asks that we admit our sinfulness and confess our sins to receive absolution and forgiveness.  This sacrament gives us a special grace that can only be received through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Reconciliation means “to make things right again” which is always our goal for God and those whom we have sinned against.  Parents have a special role in teaching their children about God’ forgiveness by offering their forgiveness when a child has sinned against them or when seeking forgiveness from their child.

In addition to classroom instruction, the parish will assist you in preparation for your child’s First Reconciliation by offering a Parent’s night where you will be provided some updates on the Church’s teachings about the sacrament as well as materials to better prepare yourself and your family for celebrating the sacrament.  May this be a blessed time for you and your family the reception of a gift that offers a lifetime of healing and forgiveness from God.