Our school uses an online communication and grading system called Sycamore. On this website, you will not only find your child’s grades, but we also use this site to keep parents and students up to date on everything happening in the classrooms and at school. There is a wealth of information found on this site from the school newsletter to class assignments and study guides.

Parents are expected to track Sycamore for any and all updates.

We utilize this tool because all parents need current and relevant information to effectively help their children in school. When parents have timely information, they can use it to make a positive impact on the success of their children. They can:

  • Ensure homework is completed and turned in on time
  • Acknowledge achievements and provide positive encouragement
  • Intervene when their child is struggling, avoiding surprises and preventing a small problem from becoming a large one
  • Help their children learn important life management skills such as responsibility and planning
  • Volunteer to participate in school, or for class trips and other activities
  • Build a stronger, informed partnership with teachers and school administration

To provide security of information each student and family is assigned an activation code for Sycamore. If you need help accessing your family account, please contact the school office.

Sycamore Sign-In