Uniform Guidelines

The dress code has been explicitly written in order to help parents and students avoid confusion about what to wear. The dress code is designed to give our students a look that is neat, clean, age-appropriate, and befitting the image of a Catholic elementary school. The dress code will be strictly enforced. All unapproved variations will result in a dress code violation form. Continued disregard for the school’s dress code will result in parents being called to the school to bring appropriate attire. If the school is unable to reach the parents, the school reserves the right to address the violation as it deems fit and in some cases to remove the student from the classroom until such time as the parent can be reached.

School uniforms will be worn to mass on all school liturgy days. Thursdays, Holy Days of Obligation or any other school liturgy days are mandatory uniform days unless permission to do otherwise is given by the pastor or school administrator. If a child comes to school in free dress on a liturgy day, the office will attempt to contact the parent to ask that they bring appropriate clothing to school. Regardless, the child will receive a notice of concern for a dress code violation.

School uniforms are required to be worn on field trips unless specifically exempted by the principal.

Scouts: Those students in scouting may wear their official uniform on the days of their meetings or events authorized by their scout leaders. The students may wear their vest/sashes along with scouting apparel from the national girl or boy scout organization. The official uniform should be approved by the principal.

P.E. Guidelines: P.E. shoes should be appropriate footwear for physical activity. The shoes may not be floppy and untied, as this constitutes a safety hazard. Shoes must fit properly.

St. Margaret Mary uniform codes are intended to encourage cleanliness, neatness, and pride in one’s appearance, foster respect for the way in which one presents himself or herself to others, create a disciplined learning environment, and to provide a manner of dressing and grooming which minimizes social differences that may exist among students. By choosing to be a student at St. Margaret Mary, these codes become the responsibility of the students and their parents.

School administration will be the final judge on what is considered acceptable in both dress and hairstyles. Please see Jr High additions in the addendum section.

Please see that all clothing is labeled. Uniforms may be purchased through a number of stores. Many families find that Shaheen’s and Land’s End Online are convenient and consistent with our dress code.

To ensure that all students are dressed in a uniform manner, no articles of clothing with insignias, whether sewn or embroidered, other than the SMM uniform logo are acceptable. It has been the experience of our parents that items sold as “school uniform clothing” do not fade. Faded uniform clothing is not acceptable uniform attire. Extreme fads in hairstyles, hairstyles that impede vision, extreme fads in belts and shoes are not acceptable. Uniform checks will be held periodically. Shirt tails are to be tucked in at all times. Pants/shorts must be of an appropriate size and worn at the waist. The length of uniform skirts and shorts will be reviewed by the school administration each trimester and parents notified if the uniform is not acceptable. Parental cooperation and support of this matter are expected.

Navy blue, knee-length uniform walking shorts may be worn throughout the school year at the discretion of the parents.

  • Pants/shorts – navy uniform
  • Belt – navy, black, or dark brown –must be worn with pants and/or shorts
  • Shirt – white or red polo shirt, ( short or long sleeve) or white turtleneck. No colored or imprinted undershirts may be worn. Red shirts are required to have the SMM logo. White polos can be plain.
  • Fleece or Sweatshirt–SMM uniform logo only (Red sweatshirt or 3/4 zip -grades JK-6 or Gray sweatshirt or 3/4 zip -grades 7-8). SMM Mustang “Spirit” sweatshirts are not considered uniform sweatshirts.
  • Socks – solid white or black, must be visible above the top of the shoe.No visible emblems are allowed.
  • Shoes – athletic shoes, comfortable (size appropriate) and must be properly tied (no glitter or light-up shoes are acceptable)

A watch, ring, and/or holy medal may be worn. No costume jewelry may be worn (necklaces, bracelets, earrings and/or anklets, etc.) Students may wear one bracelet for a charity cause. Facial hair is not permitted for our young men. Their hair needs to be neat, clean and out of their eyes, trimmed above the eyebrows, cannot be longer than half-way over their ears and must not touch their collars. Unusual or distracting hairstyles (Mohawks, etc.) are unacceptable.

  • Grades JK-5: Black watch plaid uniform jumper, no shorter than 4 inches above bent knee. (Shorts under the jumper are required.)
  • Grades 4-8: Black watch plaid uniform skirt no shorter than 4 inches above bent knee. (Skirts may not be rolled and shorts are required under the skirt.)
  • Pants/Shorts–navy uniform style
  • Belt–navy, black, or dark brown-must be worn with pants and/or shorts
  • Shirt–white or red polo shirt (short or long sleeve), white turtleneck, or white uniform blouse. Red shirts are required to have the SMM logo. White shirts can be plain.
  • Sweater–red uniform cardigan with SMM logo is available at Shaheen’s.
  • Fleece or Sweatshirt–SMM uniform logo sweatshirt only (Red sweatshirt or ¾ zip grades JK-6 or Gray sweatshirt or ¾ zip-grades 7-8). SMM Mustang“Spirit” sweatshirts are not considered uniform sweatshirts.
  • Socks – solid white or black, must be visible above the top of the shoe. No visible emblems are allowed.
  • Shoes – athletic shoes, comfortable (size appropriate) and must be properly tied (no glitter or light-up shoes are acceptable)
  • Leggings or uniform pants–Solid navy/black/white tights or solid navy/black/white leggings (must be long straight legs only -no capri length or elastic around the ankles) or school uniform pants (available at Shaheen’s) can be worn under the jumper or skirt and must be of an appropriate size. Girls are not to wear sweatpants under their skirts.
  • Purses- must be of reasonable size; no larger than 8” by 10”.  A piece of copy paper is a good measure of this standard.

All girls’ hair needs to be out of their eyes. Unusual or distracting hairstyles or hair ornaments are unacceptable. This includes headbands that are costume in nature.

A watch, ring, a holy medal and/or one pair of stud earrings may be worn. Apple watches, or other watches with internet access, are not permitted.

No make-up, including fingernail polish, artificial nails, French manicures, or nail tips will be allowed in grades JK-6. No costume jewelry (other than stud earrings) may be worn (necklaces, bracelets, hoop or dangling earrings, and/or anklets, etc.) Students may wear one bracelet for a charity cause or one religious bracelet.

  • See Jr High uniform additions in the addendum.


On occasion, the students will be allowed to have a non-uniform day.  On such days, student dress should be neat, clean, and suitable for school and of appropriate size.  

  • Cut-offs, pajama pants, clothes with holes in them, shorts shorter than 4” above bent knee, jogging shorts, tank tops, shirts with spaghetti straps and T shirts with inappropriate slogans and/or decals are not acceptable.  
  • Yoga pants and leggings may only be worn if they are covered by a shirt or dress that is no shorter than 4” above the knee.  Bottoms must be completely covered, even when raising a hand.
  • Jeans and shorts of uniform lengths (no more than 4 inches above the bent knee) are acceptable on free dress days.  
  • For safety reasons, students must wear shoes with rubber soles, even on free dress days.
  • SOCKS must be worn at all times.  Shoe laces must be tied and roller blade shoes/cleats are prohibited.   
  • Tattoos/temporary tattoos are unacceptable at any time.  Parental cooperation and support of this guideline is expected.  

A Notice of Concern for inappropriate dress will be given and parents will be called to bring acceptable attire if infringement occurs.

On designated Spirit Days, the students will be allowed to wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with a SMM logo.  Basketball shorts or sweatpants with the SMM logo are allowed to be worn.  Denim jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts or capris may be worn as an option. (All shorts, skirts or skorts must be of uniform length.)  Athletic shoes and socks must be worn on these days.

Friday is the only day eligible as a non-uniform day/free dress day unless otherwise determined by the Administration.  Children must wear socks at all times.